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When Bodyguardin' Gets FUN.
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Lots of things to be excited about here and a few things to be moderately annoyed about, which makes me more optimistic about this game than most things. Looks pretty G1, visually. Huge bonus. Cullen actually using the pacing and some of the inflection of the original Optimus, so I guess the "Hide the razor blades" version from Transformers Prime is more about how he's been directed than anything else. They've gotten the voice actors for Bumblebee, Grimlock and, slightly surprisingly, Sideswipe (previous projects opted not to use him because he sounds a bit older over 30 years later, go figure). Sadly Wheeljack's (and Starscream's) voice actor is long dead and the guy they have doing him is probably trying a bit too hard to sound like him, but they're trying. Optimus and Sideswipe hella look like their cartoon counterparts, but Bee has ditched the Beetle and been sexed up for the 90s. Very much not the choice I'd make, but then I wouldn't give the Bumblee the raw brawling ability to beat the s*** out of Megatron, either. Many versions of Bee after the original have been more warrior than superspy and, sometimes, with later Sideswipes you get the ninja fighting... with swords. It seems those aspects are bleeding backwards. I can let that go, though I'll grouse for a while, first. The fighting looks like high quality video game brawling stuff, but I can tell I hardly play video games anymore because I'd like to see it a bit slower, like their big ass G1 cartoon counterparts. The ability to Transform into a car mid air combo, accelerate and ram your opponent is STUPID AS HELL. I'm going to have to accept this as a world similar to G1, but with different laws of physics, haha. The Battlecharger and Seeker Decepticlones are, meh. I know the original three seekers, Rumble, Frenzy and Reflector have similar appearances, but to have the exact same bodies AND colors seems to fly in the face of one of the cornerstones of Decepticon ideology: staunch individualism. Well, it's a beat 'em up. You need fodder. They say you will not be able to play as Decepticons. I NEED some sexy Thundercracker action!
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Corey Landis
United States
:iconfacebookplz2:… The official Skitterpunk Hellsprite facebook page. There will be more updates about my graphic novel in the works here than anywhere else.
:icontumblrplz: My tumblr where I post a little bit more art than I do here, along with some promotion of other artists I like and other pictures that inspire me. Nothing that isn't art related.

I am an independent artist who draws too much to call it a hobby, but still has a non-art day job. I am currently working on my own graphic novel, Skitterpunk Hellsprite! I do a fair amount of fan art, as well.

Current Residence: Right next to Hell, Michigan!

Favourite genre of music: Fringe Rock, 90's Dance, 80's Hair Metal.


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coreylandis Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016
Thanks! I wish I could say I partied down, but I'm pretty boring.
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